Dental Cleanings and Exams

Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by Dr. Walter or Dr. Allen at your initial dental visit. At your following, routine hygiene appointments, the Doctor and Hygienist will perform:

  • Periodic Oral Exam: including an oral cancer screening, gum disease evaluation, gum disease evaluation, examination of tooth decay, examination of any existing restorations

  • Diagnostic X-Rays: X-Rays are used to detect decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. X-Rays allow us to diagnose anything that are not visible during a dental exam.

Dental Cleanings

Our Dental Cleanings are performed by Registered Dental Hygienists. During these appointments, our hygienists work to remove any calculus (tartar) and plaque build up, as well as polish the teeth. It’s important to have regularly scheduled cleanings to avoid the build up of plaque and prevent inflammation and periodontal disease. These appointments help monitor your oral health and prevent any future issues.